Set Icon and Shonen Jump Magazine Ad
Marketing  |  Sales Material  |  Closed  |  Page One Opened
Marketing  |  Sales Material Pages One and Two Opened
Packaging  |  Starter Display and Starter Decks
Packaging  |  Booster Display  |  Overwraps
Foil Cards  |  High-Tech Guardian  |  Mind Energy  |  Conventional Cards  |  Body Energy  |  Spirit Energy
Design File  |  Illustrator Elements with placed Photoshop background  |  High-Tech Guardian Card
Conceptualization  |  Developing the Mind, Body and Spirit Energy Symbols
Conventional Cards  |  Character  |  Event  |  Item  |  Battleground  |  Back
Marketing  |  Cross Promotion  |  Learn-to-Play double-paged spread and Promo Card  |  Shonen Jump Magazine
Marketing  |  Bleach Trading Card Game Learn-to-Play Demo Disc and Sleeve
Marketing  |  Guided Game  |  Clear-celoed Pack with Sample Cards, Playmat and Follow-along Instructions
Guided Game  |  Follow-along Instructions  |  Playmat
Guided Game Detail  |  Follow-along Instructions
Marketing  |  Black Pack  |  Retailer Exclusive containing three High-tech Guardian Cards printed in black ink only
Origins Award  |  Semi-finalist in the Collectible Card Game Category for Game of the Year


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